Philosophical & Spiritual Counseling

Dare to Know Yourself

Knowing yourself is the source of true self-empowerment. Our thoughts and beliefs shape our feelings, attitudes, and actions. If we want to make a lasting change in our lives, it is not enough to change our behavior: We have to examine what causes it.

In our work together, we create a judgment-free space to take a closer look at your life, your goals and your decisions. I invite you to review your thoughts, emotions and beliefs, and to work on thought patterns you may have. We will reflect on the deeper themes in your situation, get clarity on how it impacts your life on a larger scale, and find the point from which to resolve the issue, or transcend the pattern, quite naturally.

The guidance you will receive is based on your own values and your own cultural background.

The approach I use particularly helps with the following:

Life Transitions

Life Transitions

Moving into a new life phase or role
such as marriage, parenthood, divorce, relocation, career change
Existential topics
such as anxiety, sadness, loneliness, or a difficulty to connect with others

Intentional Living

Intentional Living

Finding meaning and purpose
Guidance on decision-making
Goal-setting and -pursuit
Virtue-based life direction
Changing beliefs
Breaking through patterns

Healing Your Self-Image

Your Relationship With Yourself

Healing your self-image
Aligning mind, body, heart, spirit
Building self-confidence and resilience
Locating and connecting you with your own sources of strength

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

Metaphysical questions and issues
with any kind of religious or non-religious background
Ethical questions
Resolving moral conflict, and differences in value

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In our sessions, we aim to create clarity out of confusion. We know that you already have everything necessary to solve your own situations. We practice open, non-defensive thinking, speaking and listening skills. Our goal is to empower you with a sense of inner calm and confidence that comes with getting to know yourself on a much deeper level, offering a greater perspective, and the awareness of and increase in personal freedom and choice.

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