Depth-focused Psychotherapy

If you are considering beginning therapy, you may wonder what to expect. Therapy is a creative process that unfolds in sometimes mysterious ways. 

Some of it is a dialogue between two humans in a room. The challenges we face tend to center around two questions: how to live, and how to be with difficulty. The more present we are with ourselves in the therapeutic process, the more meaningful and ultimately healing the experience will be. But there is more.

We all are powerful creatures with the capacity to choose our reality, and to change it. If we look deeply, we will find that we are healthy and well at the core. We are all able to know and feel love, freedom, and peace. In our day to day life, we may forget this. We may have gotten used to limitations of who we can be in this life, and conditions for experiencing happiness.
In this sense, therapy is a practice of remembrance.

The goal of therapy is to reconnect you with your innate gifts of intuition and instinct. Self-knowledge and self-mastery grow from returning into relationship with ourselves, with our forgotten true nature, our neglected parts. When we heal ourselves, we also heal our relationships, our families, our work, and our greater community.

Areas of Focus:

Trauma Integration

Recovery from domestic violence, abuse, and manipulative relationships

Complex trauma

Transgenerational trauma

Collective trauma


Identity and Belonging

Immigration, diaspora, exile

Mixed backgrounds and identities

Life transitions

Finding meaning and purpose

Ancestral healing

Highly Sensitive Personality (HSP), Intuitives, Empaths

Spiritual emergence and integration

Intentional living

Relationship health



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